The easyject Syringe Collection

The easyject syringe for prefilling is efficiently safeguarded against reuse and drug tampering – unlike any of the existing prefilled syringes.

Pricing and safety will be the basic leading factors for a widespread use of prefilled injection devices replacing drugs in vials.

easyject is the most competitive injection device for pre-filling in the world and is designed to become the world’s preferred injection device.

Prefilled syringes have the following basic advantages in comparison with the combined use of empty syringes and drugs in vials:

  • Significant drug savings
  • Limit medication errors
  • Increased user safety
  • Logistic, administrative and environmental benefits

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More about the easyject advantages

easyject combines a drug container and injection device in a compact injection unit safeguarded against reuse and drug tampering:

easyject’s compact design offers a combined drug container and a user-friendly injection unit as replacement for traditional vials, ampoules and injection devices.

easyject can be delivered in various volumes with needles in different lengths and diameters. The component materials provide good chemical resistance and barrier characteristics.

The COC or glass container depending on choice combines visual transparency of glass with the advantages of plastics

25% of all injections worldwide are currently unsafe causing more than 33% of all Hepatitis B infections, 42% of all Hepatitis C infections and an estimated 260.000 million people are infected with the HIV. Hence WHO, UNIFEC and UNFPA has made a joint statement that all injections should made by prefill auto-disabled syringes – such as Injecto’s device easyject.

Not only do vials and ampoules require an expensive 18-23% over filling, they are furthermore non-resistant to tampering, causing patients to receive diluted vaccines and drugs with serious consequences – both for the patient and the pharmaceutical supplier.

easyject is safeguarded against tampering and dilution of the content, and the exact dosage required is insured without any waste.

The vaccine challenge

Vaccines are administered in various sites around the world and the requirements for safe injections is vital.

Infants and their mothers and users are consequently in risk of contagious reused syringes, wrong medication caused by tampering and dilution of vaccine containers or an over/underdosage.

The easyject prefilled auto-disabled syringe provide means to eliminate the above mentioned serious and potentially deadly facts.

easyject offers advantages over vials, ampoules and traditional pre-filled syringes offered in the USA, Japan and Europe and is an affordable option for international organizations and developing countries:

– Affordable price

– Smallest and lightest injection device

– Efficient elimination of syringe reuse and drug tampering

– Highly user friendly with reduced risk of recapping

– Tailor fitted for vaccines and many drugs


The market for vaccines and fixed dose drugs including self-injectables such as Heparin, Methotrexate, Medroxyprogestorone, Atropin and a lot of other injectables can gain great benefits by using Injecto’s ready-to-use prefilled AD-syringe.

Hospitals and clinics throughout the world are dedicated to optimize resources while providing safe procedures for both patients and medical workers.

easyject provides a high quality affordable solution in addition to offering efficient re-use prevention, and resistance to drug tampering.

Studies show that exchanging traditional syringes and glass vials with a prefilled injection device can save hospitals and clinics 55-60% in both operating time and cost. Furthermore 85% of all healthcare workers prefer using a prefilled device.


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Prefilled syringes have the following basic advantages in comparison with the combined use of empty syringes and drugs in vials:

· Significant drug savings.
· Limit medication errors.
· Increased user friendliness and safety.
· Logistic, administrative and environmental benefits.