Lubrication Free Stoppers – Polymer Syringes

Lubrication of pre-fillable syringes has adverse effects on various pharmaceutical drugs and may affect patient safety.

The Lubrigone piston enables pre-fillable syringes in glass or COC/COP without lubricated and/or coated components.

Despite the elimination of lubrication lubrigone offers the highest degree of user-friendliness with low break-loose force

  • No risk of protein aggregation
  • Viable with glass or COC/COP
  • Low break-loose force


Outstanding lubrication free performance

lubrigone is a silicone-free, lubrication-free, coating-free solutions that provides complete closure integrity and a low break loose force even after a longer shelf life.

lubrigone is based on a special medical grade thermoplastic elastomer that combined with the differentiated movement of the initiation of the injection provides low break-loose force required for pre-fillable syringes.

lubrigone is a unique lubrication-free solution in the market for avoiding siliconisation, hence the best way to protect biotech and biosimilar products against the risk of protein aggregation.


1. When the syringe is filled, the proteins in the biologic solution adsorb to the hydrophobic surface of the silicon oil in the syringe wall and form a gel.

2. When the syringe is agitated, the air bubble moves, causing gelled protein aggregates and silicone oil to be dislodged from the syringe wall.

3. Removal of the aggregated protein leaves a space on the syringe wall for more protein molecules to adsorb and form a gel. This process is then repeated.

0.5 / 0.1 ML
CoC / CoP

0.5 / 1.0 ML


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Prefilled syringes have the following basic advantages in comparison with the combined use of empty syringes and drugs in vials:

· Significant drug savings.
· Limit medication errors.
· Increased user friendliness and safety.
· Logistic, administrative and environmental benefits.