A successful patient therapy is ensured through safe and efficient drug formulations where the risk of adverse affects such as drug inefficiency or even damage from protein aggregation is eliminated due to a clean injection system.

For those who live and receive injections in parts of the world where syringe reuse is imminent we strive to promote and implement our Auto Disabling injection solution preventing the severe and potentially harmful spread of life-threatening diseases.

We believe that our efforts will contribute positively to the recovery and well being of all patients depending on liquid injectables for their recovery.

Injecto A/S
Pharmaceutical Packaging
Strandvejen 60, 5.
2900 Hellerup

Phone: +45 2785 1000
Email: info@injecto.eu
CVR/Org. No.: DK-38 72 98 88


INJECTO can deliver prefillable syringes and syringe components for ready-to-use liquid injectables

Clean injection systems...
Our components are high-precision injection moulded and can be provided for syringe solutions that are lubrication free, coating free, silicone oil free and baked-on silicone free

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 875949