We cooperate with primary packaging companies who offer prefillable syringe solutions to the pharmaceutical industry.

lubrigone plunger stoppers fulfil relevant ISO standards and are compatible with ISO measurement containers.
Our lubrigone components are versatile and designed to comply with existing filling and assembly automation lines.

Current existing prefillable syringe solutions and stopper components require multiple tedious processes. Importantly the usual siliconization or application of baked-on silicone of the glass containers are eliminated. Additionally the vulcanisation, washing, coating or siliconization of the traditional plunger stopper require multiple processes which are both time consuming and costly.

Our plunger stopper solutions are injection moulded, sterilized and ready to use.



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INJECTO can deliver prefillable syringes and syringe components for ready-to-use liquid injectables

Clean injection systems...
Our components are high-precision injection moulded and can be provided for syringe solutions that are lubrication free, coating free, silicone oil free and baked-on silicone free

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