Pharmaceuticals are key essence in the global fight against illness and curing of diseases.

We recognise the importance of preserving the pharmaceutical drugs, hence we are dedicated to provide the industry with the best possible primary packaging solutions to safeguard those precious but sometimes sensitive liquid injectables.

The important ongoing development of new drugs of which many are sensitive to certain types of packaging calls for innovative solutions in return. Our innovative approach to product design has provided the industry with the possibility to improve the durability of the injectables when packaged in clean prefillable, ready-to-use syringes.

The pharmaceutical industry can significantly lower the risk of contaminating the liquid injectables by implementing a clean container closure system, thus avoiding unnecessary particles inflicted by silicone oil, baked-on-silicone, coating or other lubrications.

We provide a safe storage environment for sensitive drug formulations developed by the pharma companies.

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Pharmaceutical Packaging
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INJECTO can deliver prefillable syringes and syringe components for ready-to-use liquid injectables

Clean injection systems...
Our components are high-precision injection moulded and can be provided for syringe solutions that are lubrication free, coating free, silicone oil free and baked-on silicone free

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