The increasing complexity of pharmaceutical drugs and applications often imply customized packaging components to meet certain stability and functionality requirements.

Injecto offers customer specific plunger development, where the solution is not readily available among existing market offerings.

Our technology enables solutions which go beyond the common standard envelope for components within

  • Parenteral packaging
  • Cosmetic packaging
  • Diagnostic components
  • Medical devices

Based on the intellectual concept and knowhow of ISO 11040 accommodating lubrigone plungers, lubrigoneC and polymer containers can be customized into your specific purpose and size.

Injecto has extensive experience in developing custom size plunger stoppers and containers, and can perform projects ranging from prototypes to engineering validation samples to full commercial supplies of plunger stoppers.

Do not hesitate to contact Injecto if you have a specific use case, custom device or packaging requirement.


Synchronized packaging components have become increasingly important to optimize packaging performance for a given drug or application.

The perfect interaction between moving and stationary parts is obtained by combining plungers and containers that are tailor fitted to one another.

This is achieved by Injecto’s customized polymer containers assuring an optimized performance with respect to injection forces and overall usability. These containers can be tailor fitted to match our standard lubrigone plungers or may be combined with a customized lubrigoneC plunger.

The containers and plungers can be tailor fitted to meet the individual performance criteria to comply with your specific requirements.

Silicone oil free, coating free performance

Existing prefillable syringe systems on the market predominantly use traditional stoppers, which have a strong adhesiveness towards especially glass but also polymer container materials, necessitating the use of lubrication means to ensure satisfactory operating forces without any potential discomfort to the patient.

Some drug formulations are sensitive to silicone oil or coatings and may interact with the silicone oil droplet surface which thereby cause an irreversible change in conformation leading to insoluble protein aggregation and loss of monomers. This causes an adverse effect on the drug, which may alter the immunogenic response and reduce drug efficiency.

lubrigone’s novel combination of the sealing profile design and special material characteristics comprise a solution with low static and dynamic forces without the traditional need for silicone oil or coating of the stopper and container, resulting in a clean injection system.

Furthermore, the silicone oil free and coating free solution maintain uniform behavior after long-term storage.

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INJECTO can deliver prefillable syringes and syringe components for ready-to-use liquid injectables

Clean injection systems...
Our components are high-precision injection moulded and can be provided for syringe solutions that are lubrication free, coating free, silicone oil free and baked-on silicone free

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